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Sustainability never looked so good.

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Fragment panel
When you arrive to a foreign city and say, "I could imagine my life here!"
Fragment panel
Refreshment, like after a dreamless sleep.
Fragment panel
Parents love their children equally, it seems. They try to make it inconspicuous when they have a favourite that they secretly adore.

Trying to create art, we invented a building material, and the building material turned out to be art.

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Fragment Incorporated d.o.o. is a start-up company that specializes in the production of innovative building materials.

In our factory, we have perfected the production of panels made from recycled glass as the primary raw material, using cement and additives as a binder. Fragment panels offer entrepreneurs, architects, interior and exterior designers, as well as furniture manufacturers, a new, sustainable and aesthetically unique material.


Our vision is to be the leading manufacturer of eco-friendly building materials in Serbia and beyond.

We aim to inspire and enable other businesses and individuals to embrace sustainability as a core value, by demonstrating the economic and environmental benefits of using recycled materials in construction and design. We aspire to expand our product line and research capabilities, and to collaborate with other like-minded companies and organizations to drive positive change in the industry. We also plan to collaborate with artists and incorporate our materials into various forms of creative expression, further promoting the beauty and sustainability of Fragment panels.


Our mission at Fragment Incorporated is to produce innovative, sustainable building materials that contribute to a cleaner planet.

We are committed to using recycled glass as our primary raw material and utilizing cutting-edge technology to create aesthetically unique products for our clients. We strive to promote environmental awareness and responsibility while delivering high-quality materials for a range of construction and design applications.


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